Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Best Way To Unwind

I have always maintained that everybody needs a hammock, as strange as it might sound, I really do believe that. As an adventure web portal, the reason why we got involved in this business was that we all subscribe to a rustic and adventurous lifestyle, albeit that we don’t get to experience it as much as we would like to, it does give us the opportunity to meet some fantastic likeminded people.

When one thinks of overland travel, and setting up camp in the great outdoors, relaxing and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you is an essential part of the adventure experience, and for me is what makes it all worthwhile. Imagine yourself on a hammock near to a campfire, looking up at the stars and taking in the sounds of the insect’s owls and wildlife that can be heard in the distance, what could be better?

During the corporate week while a lot of us daydream about being elsewhere, it’s great to get home and relax after a heavy day at the office. If you are fortunate enough to have sea view or a vantage point for the magnificent Johannesburg sunset, being on hammock with a cold frosty is a great way to unwind.

If you will excuse me reminiscing, when I lived in Johannesburg I stayed on the West Rand in suburb called Radiokop, in an apartment complex that had been built at the top of a slope. I had wonderful view of the Johannesburg sunset and a balcony that was well suited for a hammock. I had a really good Technics sound system and always had cold ones in the fridge, so no prizes for guessing how I used to wind down after a hectic day of fighting the good fight.

At AdventureEscaapades.co.za, we have always tried to align ourselves with sponsors that fit into the adventure activity mould, who are first-rate people and share our passion for an adventurous lifestyle. Such a company, that’s been on board with us for a long long time is Hangaboutz Hammocks, and we take the opportunity to thank them for their ongoing support and to tell them that we really like their product, some days a little too much....:) Cheers.

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