Sunday, 1 February 2009

Crocodile Creek Challenge

This week’s addition of the North Coast Courier (Ballito’s local weekly paper) featured a front page pic of a lady named Claudine van der Spuy, smiling while holding a not so baby croc. The croc in question is about a meter in length, while the caption below informs us that Claudine had recently excelled in the Crocodile Creek challenge.

My good friend Peter Watson, owner of Crocodile Creek, (see above photo) had mentioned to me previously that the Croc Creek challenge was something they were looking to introduce, I’m sure his thrilled that its been greeted with such enthusiasm. Peter is quoted as saying that it’s specifically designed for people who enjoy taking risks and like to get the heart pumping.

First Claudine had to lift an American alligator affectionately known as Girlie weighing in at 75kg, followed by holding a fully grown Burmese Python, before wrestling a two year old croc which I suspect is our front page luminary. The 4th leg of the challenge was the one she admitted to having found the scariest, a 400m meter walk through an enclosure housing 80 of these not so little beauties.

The paper informs us that the enclosure is used for breeding and filming and that crocs are hidden in the deep brush and ponds. Having been given the private tour of that particular enclosure, I can tell you that there’s no shortage of big mothers in there and that it definitely constitutes a worthwhile adventure experience.

The 5th and final leg admittedly is the one that I would probably choose to exclude, and that is the eating of a crocodile sosatie. Since having been introduced to them, I have discovered that they fascinate me to much and couldn’t bear the thought of eating such a majestic creature. Having had the good fortune of spending some time with our resident croc expert, I have learnt that it’s not near as high risk as one might be inclined to think, let’s face it, if it were, they simply wouldn’t have it.

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