Monday, 2 February 2009

Defining Adventure Experience

The two lovely ladies in my life Jane and 15 year old Kyra, are both fun and outgoing people who like myself enjoy a good adventure experience, the big challenge of course is coming to a general consensus as to what activity to choose. My idea of an adventure experience differs wholly by comparison to theirs, neither of them will ever embark upon adrenalin rush activity, and both are scared stiff by the mere thought of jumping off bridges or out of an aeroplane.

Admittedly, on this blog and on our website, we use the term adventure experience in the broadest possible sense. Strictly speaking adrenalin sport and adventure activity should be categorized separately; fortunately around here we never speak strictly, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

There’s no denying that jumping off the highest bridge in Africa is a fanatic rush, and not unlike something else that comes to mind, the event itself is over in a matter of seconds with the added bonus of an afterglow that’s likely to last all day, especially for first timers. With Canopy Tours you are out for several hours on a zip-line gliding above tree tops in some of the most beautiful parts of the country, to my mind that constitutes a true adventure experience and strictly speaking (which of course we never do) that's why adventure activity and adrenalin sport should not be considered mutually exclusive.

On we have several activities that can almost be described as tranquil, so if one really wants to be pedantic, one could argue that they fall into neither of the two. To base jumpers there is probably nothing about snake and reptile parks they consider even remotely adventurous, except maybe the croc creek challenge, however for many others, just being around and handling species that are perceived to be dangerous does get the heart pumping.

In summary, the adventure activity we feature we deliberately keep as broad as possible in order to cater for everybody. As much as we love featuring the Adrenalin stuff for the hardcore thrill seekers, it’s also really rewarding being able to present fun outdoor adventure experience suited to the whole family. A great example of this is the Isle of Capri Harbor Cruise which left a huge impression on Gary’s 9 year old daughter Amy, and was a fun day out for dad as well.

The above slide show sequence is a collection of activity pics supplied to us by activity operators.

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