Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Flying HIGH with SAA

The blog topic of choice this week does seem to be aviation with even yesterdays post which was essentially about business, displaying a picture of a man sitting at an airport. At the moment, with SAA our national carrier making headlines for all the wrong reasons, the goings on in SA aviation is a hot topic of discussion among law abiding civic minded citizens.

I’m sure by now there are many so called humorous e-mails going around having a dig at the airlines expense, and yesterday afternoon, one such mail just happened to find its way to me. It consisted of 3 photographs with little or no blurb which I’m sure on some or other level, was intended to be funny. For the record, I feel it has to be said that I’m wholly against e-mails such as these on the grounds that this kind of misrepresentation is totally misleading and to some degree destructive.

The first of the 3 pics is featured above, and anybody who has ever flown SAA knows that this deceptive depiction is totally bogus and unrealistic, sadly their air crew look nothing like that, and should you board expecting them to, you are in for a big big disappointed. I stick to my guns; this is misrepresentation of the cruelest kind that can only lead to disenchanted passengers, particularly of the male variety. Hasn’t the airline suffered enough?

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