Thursday, 19 February 2009

Herping ?

Mike Perry of African Reptile And Venom is indeed a very interesting character. He is one of the countries top authorities on reptiles and has hence appeared as a guest on various wildlife television programs. Snakes are his particular passion and he runs a somewhat unusual and very specialized operation out of the Fourways area of Johannesburg.

His business is a training facility where people are taught snake awareness and how to deal with various snake related situations. While his courses are open to the public, they are predominately attended by those who work in environments where they are likely to encounter dangerous snake situations, such as in the mining industry or on building sites.

His other businesses include the producing and supplying of venom to the pharmaceutical companies which is used for the making of Antivenin. He also does specialized tours into areas where encountering all of the Big 5 is highly likely, with perhaps a bit of herping on the side for good measure. In case you don’t know what herping is, according to Wikipedia it is a term often used by professional and amateur Herpetologists to signify searching for reptiles or amphibians.

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