Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Local Boy Does Well

The late Mr. Ernest Macdonald and his son Robert started Sport Helicopters in 1990 after Mr. MacDonald senior had during the 1980's, pioneered the business of chartering scenic flights to tourists around the Cape, in those days using single & multi engine aircraft.

Today they operate out of Cape Town's V & A Waterfront with Robert now firmly at the helm, continuing the family legacy. Myself, having grown up in Sea Point, Robert was one or two grades below me in high school and his dad was already then a legend in those parts. He was well known for his razor sharp business acumen, his passion for music, and his larger than life personality.

Although I don't for a minute profess to know Robert well, when I look at how awesome their operation is and how they have succeeded in establishing themselves as Cape Town's number 1 provider of scenic tours by helicopter, I have to admit, it does fill me with a warm sense of local boy does well, I think they call it home town pride.

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