Thursday, 26 February 2009

Moments of Maddness

Having a bunch of people out there who feel compelled to mail me anything to do with boats, planes, cars and trains does come in handy, especially during periods like these when I’m not finding time to participate in much adventure activity and am just grateful for an alternative source of blog material. Admittedly I’m also a sucker for pics that tell a story, so when I do come across some, particularly good ones, I do enjoy sharing them.

I received an e-mail with a power point type attachment entitled “Things you won’t see on CNN” which contained all of the above pics. Although I do sympathize with those who had to live through some of these moments, (hopefully they all lived) some of the images are nothing short of spectacular, while others make you want to hold your head and cry “SURELY NOT!” Where the individual photographs originated from I really can’t say, nonetheless some of them are among the most jaw dropping I’ve seen.

One my favorites is of the man running on the deck of the aircraft carrier, note the missile that he is in the process of dodging, another is of the ship in rough sees near the end of the sequence, I wouldn’t want to be on board that vessel for all the tea in china. As for action shots I have to rate the pilot ejecting, whoever the photographer was, his or her timing was precision perfect. If you haven’t already gone through them, have a look, and hopefully in the Picasa web album format, they’re not too small for you to enjoy.


We ask that you keep in mind that we cannot vouch for the authenticity of any pics we choose to upload that have come to us via e-mail, while we don’t think that any of today’s are contrived, we upload them with the usual disclaimer that we simply don’t know for sure, we weren’t there, we didn’t take them ourselves, thank goodness for that. :)

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