Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wierd & Wacky, or Not

Our website does have a category called Weird And Wacky which to be fair, at this stage doesn’t contain a hell of lot that one would realistically refer to as either weird or wacky. Nonetheless, the activity it does feature is to some extent out of the ordinary in that it’s not your everyday run of the mill adventure offering.

A good example of this, is one that in my opinion is best described as a guided tour of a bee farm. H & D Honey Products is an extremely professional outfit located at Champagne Valley in the Central Drakensberg region who open to the public. They invite you to come and experience the buzz that one associates with the production of honey and honey related products.

A tour is given to a glass hive where the many interesting facets are covered by a well informed H & D spokesperson. From a distinctively close up viewpoint, visitors get to observe bees as they never have before, making it a memorable and informative occasion. Although the tours are safe, it is recommended that anyone who is allergic to bees make sure they bring their antihistamines and medication along.

WHO YOU GONNA CALL ♪♫ In closing, something I did come across in my travels that would without deliberation get slotted straight into the Weird and Wacky category, was a so-called tour of one of South Africa’s better known haunted houses. Exactly what one would expect witness is beyond me, clearly there are people around willing to pay good money to see the inside of somebody’s old hovel. You are better off coming to my house, bring a six pack, and if you ask nicely, I will show you the skeletons in my closet. :)

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