Monday, 16 February 2009

Romantic Getaways

Following on from yesterdays post and staying with a theme of romance, I would like suggest a further recovery solution from a Valentine’s Day that was spent watching Rugby. This is the ultimate deal clincher; trust me on this one, all will be forgiven and forgotten at the mere hint of a weekend together at a luxurious Romantic Getaway venue.

Unfortunately, you can’t just suggest it, there has to be follow through or you will find yourself in even bigger trouble than you were to begin with. Auspiciously, there is a gluttony of stunning Romantic Getaway places that are conveniently close to some great adventure activity locations, and there is no good reason why your romantic escapade, can’t also involve some action of the outdoor kind.

Tranquillity Lodge comes to mind, situated in the stunning Tsitsikamma area of Natures Valley, the venue as the name implies, makes for one such ideal romantic getaway destination. For thrill seekers, an unforgettable adventure experience also awaits you in the form of the world’s highest commercial Bungy Jump, which is literally 10 minutes away from there. Just up the road are also two Canopy Tour operators along with a whole host of other adventure activity to choose from.

Photograph: Tranquillity lodge.

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