Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Thoughts on Jumping

Having participated in most adventure activity there isn’t too much left to do that I can truly say scares the hell out of me; especially with regard to activity that involves heights or jumping from heights. You never lose that sense of risk which drives you to be extra thorough, especially with respect to the operator and equipment you are using; you can’t be nonchalant about that, that would just be crazy.

If the operator/service provider appears to be dodgy or the equipment and the safety checks don’t conform to the high standard you demand, simply say NO. For me the fear of actually jumping or being nervous during the process of taking that step off, has long since passed. The truth is I really do have faith in the breaking strength and durability of the equipment so in my mind, where things go wrong is when it’s not used correctly, if used correctly; the chances are overwhelmingly stacked in favour of you having a safe and memorable adventure experience.

Most who participate in such activity will agree that you never lose the thrill of doing it, it’s always a rush which is what keeps you going back for more. Nonetheless, that first time is always the most memorable, there is nothing to beat the euphoria you feel after experiencing your first heart-pumping free-fall. It is the absolute Best and I’m yet to meet anybody who has regretted taking the decision.

The above photograph is courtesy of Skydive Durban.

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