Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine’s Day Recovery Solutions

OK, so yesterday was Valentine’s Day and you didn’t get that special somebody something really nice, the rugby was your main priority and today you rightfully find yourself in the dog box. Well the good news is if you play your cards right, your relationship can indeed recover from this. I’m tempted to say take her skydiving and all will be forgiven, instead I will share some of the more practical tried and tested solutions.

The floral method: An old favourite that men have used throughout the ages. It needs to come with a convincing speech along the lines of “I don’t need a special day to show you how much I love you, with you, every day is Valentine’s Day, I’m just so blessed to have you in my life.” Just in case you’re not convincing enough, make sure the bouquet is sufficiently large enough to take cover behind.

The restaurant method: A surprise outing during the week to her favourite restaurant is bound to impress. Don’t forget the I don’t need a special day to tell you how much I love you, everyday with you is like Valentine’s Day speech, and at least try when delivering it to show some sincerity.

The lingerie method: In addition to the flowers this can really have an impact, whatever you do though, make damn sure they are the right size and DONT under any circumstances, go for cheap and nasty here (nothing edible). Finding oneself on the receiving end of a flat hand, is not the type of impact I had in mind, proceed cautiously with this one.

The apron method: The apron unfortunately is for you to wear not her, you need to dazzle her with your culinary skills and you will definitely impress if you wash the dishes afterwards. Of course candlelight, romantic music, the flowers from earlier and the everyday with you is like Valentine ’s Day speech and who knows; with a bit of luck you may get more than just the forgiveness you seek.

Then lastly, desperate times call for desperate measures, this involves immense suffering on your part and will serve as a clear indication that you will go to any lengths to make this right, USE ONLY AS A VERY LAST RESORT. The dreaded Chick Flick method: Go to the DVD shop and choose any movie that you would rather die than watch, something in the ilk of Mama Mia, 27 Wedding Dresses or any one of thousands that Hollywood have spewed out, (there’s no shortage of them) and then the most difficult part of all, make sure you convince her that it’s just what you’re in the mood for.

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