Sunday, 8 February 2009

Valentines In The Sky

With Valentine’s Day approaching, which this year conveniently falls on a Saturday, I hope you and your loved one do have something special planned. The Saturday part is the good news, the bad news ladies is that whatever romantic festivity your Romeo has in mind, it’s not likely to happen between 5 and 7 in the evening while the big game is on.

That weekend marks the start of Rugby’s Super 14 with Saturday’s big game being contested between the never say die Cape Town franchise “The Stormers” and the hard hitting Durban based “Natal Sharks.” I could be wrong; perhaps there are some hot blooded males out there who don’t necessarily like rugby, and perhaps won’t be glued to the tele, however if there are, I certainly don’t know any of them.

In saying that, I did come across a unique valentines offer for those who live in the Johannesburg region which I personally think is a fantastic idea, and one that is bound to impress. Those who have visited our website or are regular readers of this blog, will already be familiar with the adrenalin inducing Orlando Towers Power Swing, as per the above picture sequence.

For the month of February, they are extending their hours on trading days till seven o’clock, and between 5 and 7, they are inviting people to relax on the deck mounted at the top, to take in the spectacular Johannesburg sunset. Having been up there myself, the view from the deck is absolutely breathtaking and having lived in Johannesburg, I can say with authority that its beautiful bright red African sunset is a sight to behold.

I can honestly say that if I still lived in the province, it is an offer I would definitely take them up on. It's romantic in a very different and original way, and unless your Juliette is afraid of heights, she is bound to be blown away by this one.

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