Friday, 6 March 2009

The Fly HIGH Club

In a recent post titled “Flying HIGH with SAA” I made reference to an e-mail that’s doing the rounds containing three photographs all having a dig at the national carrier. In that particular post I featured the best of the three, to see Click Here, while for today’s blog, I have made use of another of them, I refer to the one above.

At the risk of sounding a lot more spiritual than I in fact am, I’m big believer in the reaping and sowing philosophy and unfortunately South African Airways, by having allowed security levels to slip to appalling standards, have painted a big red target on themselves and every man and his dog are now having POT shots at them.

I’m busy doing work for an organization that has been around for a 107 years who have taken a brave decision to re-brand themselves. Their old logo, rich in history, resembles a coat of arms and as you can imagine, the change has understandably been met with criticism from certain quarters. Their new logo to be launched in April is vibrant by comparison, modern and instantly conveys what it is they actually do.

The plane as depicted above, conveys what it is that SAA actually do and would be highly effective branding, were it not for the negative connotation it carries. All we need now is somebody with a sense of humor within SAA to ensure the in-flight movies comprise of a Cheech and Chong film festival. Picture the scene: "Attention all passengers… today’s in-flight movie like our reputation ……is Up in Smoke. "

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