Friday, 13 March 2009

Happy Birthday Blog

Experienced bloggers will know that in order to upload a post such as this, you go through your blogger dashboard which among other things, informs you as to the number of previous entries. At, we do a daily post and since our blog stats tell us that this particular post is Number 365, today our Blog is 1 year old…….. Happy Birthday Blog.

With it falling on Friday the 13th perhaps we shouldn’t celebrate it by going out and skydiving, nonetheless a celebration of sorts does seem appropriate. The majority of posts have been inspired by the various awesome adventure activity available in SA, and the excellent personalities committed to providing them. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and the followers of for rousing us to make it happen.

On a personal note:

The career path I find myself on these days does not allow much time for traveling or participating in adventure activity which means that in order to keep it up, inspiration has to sometimes come from other sources, such as newspapers, the net, etc. In saying that, whatever it is we choose to write about, will always have a fun and adventurous flavor to it, we do it because we enjoy it.

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