Saturday, 7 March 2009

Nutter, Hit By Golf Ball

A few months back, I did a golf post about the Extreme 19th hole at the Legend Golf and Safari Resort in the Big Five Entabeni Safari Conservancy in Limpopo, in case you missed it and are interested in finding out more, just for you I have inserted a link, Click Here.

At the mention of golf, I felt compelled to admit that for me it has always been an adventure experience comprising of plenty of overland hiking, trail blazing, endurance walking, orienteering and boldly going where no golfer has ever gone before.

Upon viewing the above YouTube video I, as I'm sure you did, predicted the obvious outcome questioning what possessed them. Maybe growing up they watched too many episodes of Jackass, or perhaps they have indulged in SAA's famous export, who knows, I wonder if their mother's are proud of them.

Anyway, this is clearly what happens when you give two morons a set of golf clubs and lets face it, victims of their own stupidity always get the best laughs. I hope lots of paintball players get to see this, they think they're the “I take pain for my game” bravados, I dare any paintball player to take a bullet like this guy did.

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