Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Paintball - Headshot

Oh the joys of playing paintball, for whatever reason this is the activity we get the most enquiries for through our adventure website, and as the above YouTube movie accurately depicts, its not a pastime for the faint-hearted. In case you missed it, have another look, take note of the headshot he takes, which sends him tumbling to the ground.

The above is essentially footage of the speedball variation which is all about advancing forward in high pressure rapid fire situations. It is all out action played at high pace and encourages players to develop their shooting skills by simulating warzone type attacks, in a fun outdoor environment.

While speedball is hugely popular my personal preference is jumping off things, as far paintball goes, I would have to say bushball. For me bushball is like living out a movie scene, where you know something is going to happen, its the when and the how that gets the mind racing. I like the silent anticipation of knowing that something is coming and strategizing accordingly, as apposed to repeatedly getting the living crap shot out of me ...... AGAIN :)

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