Friday, 20 March 2009

Rap Jumping Johannesberg

Marco Carombo of Purerush Industries is one of those larger than life adventure personalities. I once had a friend of his tell me that Marco is the most decorated sand boarder in South Africa, the person saying it, was referring to his tattoos. Within Johannesburg adventure circles, Marco is a legend, and his company Purerush, are renowned for their excellent service and high level of professionalism.

While Sandboarding, among loads of other activity does form part of the Purerush offering, when I hear the name Marco Carombo, the first thing that comes to mind is rap jumping. In case you don’t already know, rap jumping is like abseiling, except that the harness is attached to the rope at your back, so you face forwards towards the ground and head downward.

Marco and his team have led Rap Jumping Adventures off the top of the well known Ponte complex (see above pic) as well as other landmark skyscrapers in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria. They are the market leaders at what they do, and I see in the latest Orlando Towers Newsletter, the two have teamed up to do some Cooling Tower Rap Jumping, what a brilliant prospect !!!

If you are interested, Marco’s details are as follows: e-mail: Website: Cell No. 082-605-1150.
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