Saturday, 14 March 2009

Shoe Tossing Shoe Dodging

I have the feeling we are about to see the emergence of a new and exciting adventure activity called Shoe Tossing Shoe Dodging. While throwing shoes and dodging shoes have apparently been around for a long long time, there is nothing like the participation of high profile people to put something on the map.

The first semblance of it taking off among celebrity types goes back some years to an incident that took place in the changerooms of Old Trafford, home to Manchester United Football Club, after losing 2-0 to Arsenal. You may recall an incident that involved Sir Alex, a flying boot and a resulting head injury to David Beckham. While a head injury may go some way towards explaining why he talks the way he does, this marked the start of Shoe Tossing Shoe Dodging because as we all know, when the Beckams participate in something, presidents are bound to follow.

George W Bush recently showed Becks exactly how its done by defying the odds and displaying brilliant athleticism. His ability to dodge incoming footwear, begs the question as to whether or not Bush is indeed more athletic than Becks, perhaps it was beginners luck. While David Beckham has since moved on from the club, we anticipate a wave of exposure for this, again stemming from the Old Trafford changeroom.

After their embarrassing 4-1 home defeat to arch-rivals Liverpool earlier in the day, who knows, perhaps we will see some variations coming through like hairdryer tossing, or perhaps hair gel dodging. Like most Adventure Activity, this one does come with inherent danger so perhaps having a first aid kit handy, is not a bad idea. Bearing in mind that while we can't all be as athletic as George W, if there is a resulting injury, you will be wanting to mend it like Beckham.

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