Monday, 2 March 2009

Whale Watching Regulations

As a follow on from yesterdays post where we made reference to the permit that is required in order to be a whale watching operator, I touched on the fact that our listed provider Advantage Tours, does have the required permit and strongly advocates the proper policing of it.

The reason is simple; Danie and the team at Advantage Tours are dedicated ecologists who fully understand the dangers of non eco-friendly behaviour. On their website they have made known the following rules in terms of Regulations of the Marine Living Resources Act of 1998.

Whale Regulations:

1 . It is an offence to approach any whale closer than 300m without a permit.
2 . There is only 1 LEGAL boat-based whale watching permit holder in each area.
3 . No cow-calf pairs may be approached by anyone .
4 . Clients are advised to ensure that their operator has a permit to approach whales closer than 300m.
5 . Clients on board an illegal vessel may be charged with contravening these regulations if the operator approaches a whale closer than 300m.

Your Advantage Tours permit holder is :
Danie Bennett
Advantage Charter
St Lucia
Photo: Again taken from the gallery page on

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