Thursday, 5 March 2009

What Are The Odds

I read a book many years ago called One In A Million which is about highly unusual things that have happened to people and in doing so, have essentially defied the odds. There was a whole section dedicated to goods been returned to its rightful owner that were found in the belly of fish, such as jewelery, false teeth and other weird and wonderful effects.

This weekend past, there was a tale in the Sunday Times that reminded me of it and provided further evidence that fish aren’t too fussy about what they eat. The article informs us that British Businessman Andrew Cheatle, who having lost his cellphone on a beach in Sussex, was amazed when it turned up one week later in the belly of a Cod. The Cod in question was caught by a civic minded fisherman who was able to, by using the phone that was still in working order, track down its owner and return it to him.

I’m not sure I buy into it hook line and sinker, to me it sounds a little bit phoney. Perhaps we should ask our resident fishing expert Len from Allure Charters (see pic sequence above) if he has ever encountered anything like this. I suspect not, something about this story........smells.

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