Monday, 16 March 2009

Wild 5 At Oribi Gorge

Operating out of the beautiful unspoilt Natal South Coast region of Oribi Gorge; Wild 5 presents us with an awesome variety of outdoor offerings. Activities available cater for people of all ages, from those who would like to relax and be drawn into the peace and tranquility of their surrounds, to those seeking the thrill of adventure.

There are a number of walking trails on offer ranging from a 1 hour outing to a day long hike. Both a light and advanced mountain biking trail is available for the enjoyment of guests who would like to bring their bikes along and get a bit of off road riding in. Abseiling and river rafting is also offered on a block booking basis.

If you do want to see the gorge from a different angle, flights through the gorge and/or over a nearby game farm can be arranged. Alternatively, you can always have them attach you to a bungy cord extended rope, then take a leap over the edge. As per the above pic sequence, having experienced it myself, I highly recommend you make a plan to get there, you definitely won’t regret it.

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