Monday, 27 April 2009

Be Adventurous and try Microlighting

Microlighting the fun starts here. Microlighting is a wonderful experience; it’s a bit like being 3,000ft up in a dinning room chair….

Microlighting is one of those must do activities. It is a pure rush from start to finish and is truly a memorable experience. When conditions are good, hot and dry and plenty of thermals, it will be bumpy enough for you to know you were really up there in amongst it.

Peter Marheine is a guy from Australia who does microlight flights in NSW Australia. He is an excellent and well accomplished pilot. He takes you on a flight over local wine lands, mines and state forests. The flight leaves you feeling on top of the world as you soar above the earth. The view is totally breathtaking and as you make a perfect landing there will be a welcomed cold beer waiting for you to enjoy.

Microlighting is a safe activity to do, as no person or operator may take people up without a qualified pilot’s license. The standard of safety has increased and improved drastically over the years, making this an adventure activity not to be missed.

So why don’t you bite the bullet and suck up the courage to get out there and go for a flight. It is adventure at its best, something that you will remember and talk about for many years to come. 

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