Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hot Air Ballooning Makes a Great Adventure Activity

Hot air ballooning is something really different and special. It allows you to experience the majestic scenery in an awe filled adventure.

Hot air ballooning with put you in touch with nature itself, as you set sail over the country side. As the country side is bathed in early morning light, you will glide surreally above the earth.  The silence of your flight will be broken only by nature’s early risers. Hot air ballooning allows you to experience an uninterrupted view of the beautiful and majestic land that is South Africa. Hot air ballooning has become an iconic “must do” experience in South Africa.

A hot air balloon is a type of lighter air craft, which remains aloft due to its buoyancy. It is guided by the moving wind.  Hot air balloons obtain their buoyancy by heating the air inside the balloon. They are the most common type of balloon aircraft.

Hot air ballooning is a safe activity. Flights are usually conducted in the early mornings when the winds are calm and the air is stable.  The experience is quite calm and gentle. It will leave you totally lost in your surroundings. What better way to see the beautiful country side of South Africa, than floating majestically over it in a hot air balloon.

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