Friday, 17 April 2009

Rap Jumping at Orlando Towers

Rap Jumping is a great adventure activity that will get your adrenaline pumping and your heart pounding.

We have received word that Orlando Towers is having a rap jumping Sunday, this weekend. So if you are in the Gauteng area, be sure to get down to Orlando Towers to get your share of heart stopping entertainment.

The team from Pure Rush will be back this Sunday, and will have the rap jumping ropes set up for your enjoyment. The rap jump is set up inside the west tower, so you rap jump down the contour of the tower for the first 40m until the throat of the tower, where the contour moves away from your feet, and you are away from the wall for the last 60 metres allowing you to fly free.

Orlando Towers presents the first ever heart pumping swing between two vertical cooling towers.  It is an adventure activity of a life time and will leave adventure junkies craving more, not able to hold back from another adventure fix.  The whole experience from the lift up to the towers, to the jump itself is an adventure that will get your pulse racing. Rap jumping at Orlando Towers is guaranteed to give you a pure adrenaline rush.

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