Thursday, 28 May 2009

Golf is a cool adventure activity

That classic surfer movie, Point Break with Patrick Swayze, probably on TCM nowadays was where Adrenalin Junkies became popularized. Golf as opposed to surfing misses the mark when we’re looking for a thrill…so some may say. Golfers disagree!

You’ve just got to test this with a wiggle of your hips, swing through that perfect shot. It is pure adrenaline so I have been told. A perfect shot remains a dream to me. Naturally all aspiring golfers and hackers alike want to feel the awesome kick of a hole-in-one.

Can you crack the mythical Nessie come Loch-ness like mystery of this golfing fact; GRAVITY IS STRONGER OVER THE WATER?

The rush of this fabulous game lingers on after the final hole has been played with swaggering recounts of proud feats and controversy. My advice is, it can be a blast but you’ve got to know your rules! Visit SANI PASS HOTEL & LEISURE RESORT for golfing enjoyment on a well-laid, manicured course surrounded by panoramic beauty. Just the spot to achieve that elusive hole-in-one. When you have been lets us know if you got it right.

1 comment:

gloobi said...

That little white ball and water seen inxtricabilby attracted to each other.

It gives us amateurs hope when we see the Pro's also hitting into water now and then.

I wonder if the gravity over the water at the Sani Pass Hotel is less.