Friday, 1 May 2009

Harley's On The Move

Ever been driving down the high way and as you look into your review mirror, all you see is about 50 Harleys coming towards you….

Well this happened to us yesterday, as we where on our way down to Pietermaritzburg, we looked up and saw a big group of bikers making their way down the high way. Well the sound of all those bikes are just awesome, and sounds like thunder rolling down the mountains.

I must say I was very impressed with them, even though they where a large number, they where very polite. They didn’t take over the road as if they owned it, like some cars do, they just eased in and out of the traffic making their way to where ever they where going. So the question I want to ask is does anyone know where these guys where going and have you seen them on your travels. If anyone has any info, please post a comment.

Also watching these guys on their Harleys, got me thinking, how must it feel to just jump on the back of one of those babies and cruise to wherever? It must be pretty cool and liberating. So I did some checking around and there are places where you can hire a Harley, so for me the near future holds a Harley ride. Go check out our site for more information on Harley hiring. Adventureescapades.

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Your AE Team said...

So I figured it out, where all those Harley-Davidson's were going. It was to Margate for the Africa Bike week. Where over 3 000 Harley riders from all over the world gather together for a week of Harley fun.