Monday, 4 May 2009

Lets have fun in the week!

So it’s Monday morning and you thinking how am I going to get through a whole week! Yes adventure junkies out there, it is the first full week we have had since the start of April…..

I mean I am sitting here thinking will I make it or will I go through public holiday withdrawals symptoms. Well here is my advice to all those thinking the same thing I am, its time to spice up your normally long and boring week. Allow yourself to have some out of the box adventure in the week. Yes it is allowed even though it might be a “school night”. Come on let’s be rebels and live a little.

There is so much that we can do to spice up our average week, you can do a little mountain biking, or canoeing, go-karting or even some rock or wall climbing.  Its time to make every week feel like a shortened week, I mean what’s the point if the only fun and adventure you have is on the weekends, where’s the joy in that.

So go check out our web site adventureescapades and see what adventure and fun you can have during the week. Post your comments letting me know what crazy out the box fun you had this week. Live life to the max and remember don’t hold back. 

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