Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Paragliding is amazing

Rated as a five on the Fear Factor Meter. This is one of those thrilling experiences most people can comfortably commit to. Paragliding gives you wings contrary to all those Red Bull adverts, the truth is now out!

This sport requires training if you are going it alone. Luckily at PARA-PAX TANDEM PARAGLIDING you can risk a little before going all out on a solo flight. They’re doing two-up flights in a customized double-harness paraglider. With 9 years of incident-free flights and a weight max of 135kg you can invite everyone you know to come along for this adventure.

Choose from 6 spectacular sites, or just do them all, you will want to. Situates at places you love to visit with two feet on the ground. The pleasure is hugely magnified with the new aspect of being able to soar above the earth.

Select add-ons of in flight photography, videos, snacks & refreshments or not. You can enjoy this for ten minutes or eight hours. Do it any way you choose. You’ll enjoy an easy take-off and a soft landing with memorable vistas in between…this could be addictive. See you soon at paraglider’s anonymous!

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