Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend is over!!!

So the weekend is over, which totally sucks. Must say I am feeling rather tired after having a good and busy weekend….

So come on and tell me about your weekend, what you got up to. What out of the box, blood pumping adventure did get involved in this weekend? Hopefully what ever you got up to, it was awesome and that you had loads of fun.

Met this really awesome lady this weekend, who has taken up kite surfing, and man does she have some cool stories to tell. I was really challenged by her will to try something new and extreme. She is a mother and has decided that she is not too old to try something new and to live a life of fun and adventure.

So this is my challenge for the week, think about what you would love to try, but have never had the guts or think you can’t do it, and then just get out there and make it happen. I would love to know what extreme adventure you would love to do. It’s never too late to try something new and to get out there and live life. Go check out our site adventure escapades, and see where and what you can do. Look forward to hearing from you all.


tom   Psychologists in Sydney said...

i dont know wt is Kitesurfin. lz tel me in detail

Your AE Team said...

Hi Tom
Thanks for reading our Blog and for leaving your comment. I have done a blog today on Kite Surfing, going into a little more detail about what it is. Hope it helps.