Friday, 22 May 2009

What to do in Winter - 4x4 Trails!!!

So it’s the end of the week, and time for the weekend to begin. Most of you reading this are either planning what to do for the weekend or have already planned your weekend. Well whatever one it is, I hope that your weekend will be filled with much fun and adventure. That it will be one of those that go down in the book of all time memories......

So to end of my week of what to do in winter, I thought I would write about 4x4 adventures.  South Africa provides some of the best off road experiences in the world.  It is a great family activity that will leave you all laughing, screaming for joy and just having a downright good time.  If you are unsure of 4x4 there are a few places that offer tutoring. So you are able to get a handle on the sport itself.

If you are keen to give it a try, go to our website for more information on 4x4 trails etc. While I am at it, I would like to remind all those that it is the comrades this weekend. So if you are in the Natal area and have nothing to do on Sunday, why not get down to the comrades and help cheer those runners home. It is always a great way to spend your time and there is always such a festive activity out there on the course.

For those of you who don’t know what the comrades is, it is a marathon, where runners run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg or vice versa. The race has been going for over hundred years and is one of the most gruelling events on the running calendar in the world. It sees some of the best long distance runners come out in hope of becoming the comrade’s champion.  It also draws vast amounts of men and women who wish to just challenge themselves in an effort to complete the race. Whatever the race holds, whether you are a participator or spectator it is one of those sporting events not to be missed.

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