Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What to do in Winter - Skiing!!!

So continuing with my theme this week of what to do in the winter, I suppose the next obvious choice would be Skiing. Skiing is like the sister sport to Snow Boarding. Skiing has been around for many years, as is a lot older than snow boarding.

There are two different types of Skiing today. The first is known as Nordic Skiing, which is the older of the two kinds of Skiing. Nordic Skiing originated from Scandinavia. The second type of Skiing is known as Alpine Skiing, which originates from Skiing in the Alps.

Skiing is not only a great adventure activity for people to try out, it is also a well recognised sport. In the sport of Skiing there are many different forms of Skiing and ways of competing, from cross country to alpine downhill skiing. Skiing is not only a great way to spend your time, but is also very entertaining for the spectator.

As I said yesterday, just like snow boarding, ski resorts offer beginners training. So if you are worried that you’ve never skied before and don’t know how, well rest at ease. So if you are willing to brave the cold, why not make a plan to get out there and give Skiing a try. It is defiantly something that I would love to do if given the opportunity. 

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