Monday, 18 May 2009

What to do in Winter - Snowboarding

So I hope you all had a great weekend, filled with lots of action and adventure. So winter is defiantly on its way here in South Africa, the mornings are really chilly as to are the evenings. If you are anything like me, winter is not your favourite season….

I had to laugh though I was watching the IPL last night, and they where playing in Bloemfontein, and shame those poor cricketers looked really frozen, apparently it was zero degrees. So even as winter approaches, I have decided not to let that get to me, there is still so much one can do in the cold winter months that are upon us.


So I am about to give you a few ideas, and then I want you guys out there to give me some ideas of what is fun and cool to do in the winter months. It would be great to hear your ideas of what one can get up to in winter.

So over this week, each day I will share a great winter activity, one that is fun and adventurous and is bound to get your blood pumping. My pick for today is Snow Boarding, yes we do get snow here in South Africa and snow boarding is an option. Snow boarding is a great adventure activity to enjoy in the winter. It is fast, action packed and is full out adventure.

There are a few places in South Africa that offer Snow boarding. It is a great sport that anyone can learn, most resorts offer a basics course on how to get started, so why not learn something new this winter. Why not get out the house and instead of complaining how much you dislike winter, give snow boarding a try. You just might become a fan of winter!!!! 

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