Thursday, 14 May 2009

What's your Top 3 Adventure Dreams?

So what’s happening out there? What wild adventures are you getting up too? Don’t you just wish everyday was a holiday…..?

Let me ask you this if you had one day to do any adventure activity what would it be and where would you do it? It gets you thinking doesn’t it? I mean come on there is just so much to choose from. Do you do something that you have already done before, or do you try something totally new and different.

I mean I have Han glided in Brazil, and that was awesome. I mean the beautiful view of Rio was breath taking. Have also Para-sailed at Sun City which was pretty cool too.

But I think I would lean towards trying something new and a little daring.

So my top three adventure activities I would like to try if I had the opportunity, would be…. 1. Diving with Great white sharks, it looks like it will be a real thrill. 2. Kite Surfing, would love to give that a try and just let the wind take you cruising along the water, must be such a rush. 3. Hot Air Ballooning, come on what better way to start your day, by sailing over the landscape as the sun rises and the earth comes to life.

So guys those are my top three, what is yours? Come on and tell me what your top three would be, don’t leave me hanging.

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