Monday, 8 June 2009

Birding is so much fun

You have to love that we have such a broad diversity of winged creatures to watch. Add to this a good variety of climate zones, vegetation and loads of precious reserves to find these pleasing creatures in. What a fabulous mix. Well worth preserving as best we can.

Birding is a fulfilling pastime that can be successfully combined with other adventure activities in our gorgeous outdoors. It is essential to source a Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa guide. Keep it in a handy carrier to accompany you on cycle rides, hikes, rambles and even fishing, especially for those rare occasions when the little fellows refuse to bite!

You will also need decent binoculars, a 7 x 30, 8 x 35 or 10 x 40 is suitable. It is also useful to acquire a CD of bird-song and calls, learning these will greatly assist you in identification.

So grab a pencil to record your sightings. Set off on a camping trip, ramble, paddle or drive. You will be well prepared to meet the challenges that face a serious birdwatcher.

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