Monday, 1 June 2009

Have fun flyfishing

Back at the movies with A River Runs Through It. Give me a break please since it is winter and when you’ve had your share of adventure you may also delight in some steamy chocolate and couch time to ease those weary muscles! Back to the point, flyfishing was made popular by Brad Pitt and has since been perfected by anglers countrywide.

This high-end of the market style of fishing has been around forever. It’s all about tying your flies just right, rhythmically unfurling the line and a willingness to wade in and snare that trout come rain or shine, or pike or bass or carp, as it may be since there is a growing fraternity of fly fishermen challenging one another to catch the widest range of species possible.

Be green when flyfishing. Not just with envy at the huge size of your fishing buddies catch but by practicing the correct catch and release method. This helps preserve the quality of a fishery. Trout is a most delicate fish and wet hands are most gentle. The larger the trout the more care you need to take. Holding it on its back can momentarily calm it. When you have the hook out, support the fish in the water with gills submerged until it has stabilized. Just until it shows it is steady enough to swim off alone. This prevents the exhausted trout from suffocating on a muddy riverbed. Share this knowledge with your girlfriend for a free brownie point!

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