Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Snow is Falling

Seasonal and therefore well worth the drive. Our fun times in the snow can be brief but are eagerly awaited and the memories are always safely treasured. In South Africa, when it snows, everybody wants to be there. We become highly creative toboggan engineers. Anything from plastic sheeting to masonite is stuffed in the boot to be used on arrival for sliding down snowy banks.

Snowball fights are great family fun, pretty good when you need to exact revenge on a sibling. A well aimed snowball which is swiftly delivered can serve up quite a sting. The pain of course, is short-lived at those very low temperatures that accompany snowfalls.

Somewhere bogged down in abundant snow right now is Shumba Valley Adventure Farm. If it is snow you want, they have loads. You can adventure around on quad bikes, enjoy the fire inside or go along with them on a skiing escapade nearby. This is the season to be merry in the snow

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