Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Where to go on train trips

Train trips have often been experienced as stories shared by parents or grandparents as though they are handing out nuggets of gold. Such is the rich treasured memory they leave you with. As you listen you can almost smell the old leather seat covers, hear the chug-a-chug and even feel the gentle jiggling on.

My mother took a train to and from school each day while growing up on the Southern Natal Coast. The train trip was just long enough for her to catch up with unfinished homework! That must have been such fun!

The good old banana express provided great excitement for my cousins and I during our childhood. See how our parents loved returning to their memories of the train rides to school.

Beautiful sooty old steam engines still get buffed up all shiny and bright around the country. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday your can hook up for a jaunt into or a loop around the countryside. This is a worthwhile escapade. Keep the magic alive. Train trips may be the adventure your family has been waiting to share.

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