Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Kayak Paddling Escapade

Paddling your kayak on the sea is considered way more adventurous than paddling on an inland dam. If you haven’t tried this, next time you are in the Western Cape contact Simon’s Town Sea Kayak Tours. With some luck you will also catch penguins out and about their daily business.

Sea kayaks are specifically designed to be seaworthy. These little boats are comfy enough to be used for week long ocean tours and can be big enough for three paddlers or you could fit in camping gear and supplies.

When swells allow you can surf your kayak to improve speed. This skill is very useful on longer trips. The kayak surfs down the intermittent swells.

Simon’s Town Sea Kayak Tours is a great place to begin. You get a basic run down of how to and going in a group eliminates difficulties you may otherwise not know how to handle.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cycling Adventure

Paris saw Alberto Contador win the 2009 Tour de France. With his first victory in 2007 this is a man to watch! At 26 years old, his lead of 4 minutes 11seconds is the widest winning margin in many years. The younger Schleck brother Andy came in second place and after a four year break from this race, Lance Armstrong returned to steal third place.

All three men plan to be back next year, 2010 looks set to be full of excitement. The other mighty competitor to keep an eye on will be Mark Cavendish, winner of six stages, who says no one can challenge him more than he himself. Known as the ‘British Rocket’ this talented athlete oozes promise. He is a young man with big dreams and a knack of turning them to reality.

Other achievers taking the podium this year were Thor Hushovd a formidable sprinter and Italian Franco Pellizotti who scooped the King of the Mountains title. So ends yet another awesome Tour de France adventure. Be inspired and try out some new cycling tours available here at home.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Tour de France

France is a beautiful country and home to the world renowned Tour de France a bicycle race which covers 3,500 kilometres. This distance is raced in stages over 21 days. The coveted yellow jersey is awarded to the cyclist with the lowest aggregate time after each days pedalling. The finish line is in Paris along the Champ-Elysees, a suitably grand venue.

This Tour de France is considered by some to be the most physiologically demanding of all athletic events. The course may alter from year to year, sometimes it even requires a rest day or two to transport competitors from the finish in one town to the start in a different town. The hills are constant, France’s natural geography adds a sparkling challenge to each and every conceivable route.

The physical effort required can be equated to a road-runner completing a marathon several days a week for three weeks in a row. The accumulative climbs would amount to climbing 3 Everests! These guys are fit! It is no wonder that the around twenty teams are selected to enter by invitation from the race organiser only. I have one word for anybody who completes this legendary feat, respect.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

It's our Birthday!

It is our birthday! Adventure Escapades is three years old. One more than two and one less than four. We have reached our first prime number.
The number three is considered lucky in Chinese lore as it sounds like the word ‘alive’. Luck is often said to come in threes. Three as a numeral has relevance in many philosophies and it is the number of corners in a triangle. I am almost all ‘three-ed’ out now.

What we really want to share is that we are THREE and very excited about our success so far. Watch this space as we enter yet another exciting year.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The coolest glider has an adventure!

Hang gliding is an air adventure sport in which a pilot flies a light aircraft called a hang glider. Modern hang gliders made mostly of an aluminum structure with a fabric wing allow pilots to control direction by shifting their body weight. The pilot hangs from the glider by a harness as he flies like a giant bird, swooping across the great open sky.

Early pilots stuck to small flights down hills, you’ll enjoy the freedom modern technology has brought to this escapade. Soar for hours at amazing heights as you catch thermal updrafts. You can fly extensive distances with a hang-glider. The record distance for a flight is around 700km.

The traditional foot launch style of take off has been improved with the assistance of a small aircraft or a boat. Extreme thrill-seekers have even successfully been dropped at high altitudes by a hot air balloon!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Sand Boarding Adventure

Adrenalin supply peaks as you fly down a sand dune at high-speed on a thin board. Then slog back up for the next slide down because it is so absolutely worth it. If you are really lucky you will have a 4x4 or quad bike to transport you back uphill in luxury, but the reward definitely outweighs the exertion if you are amongst the unlucky ones.

South Africa has divine beaches which boast many sizeable sand dunes making this a top class destination for sand boarding junkies. Though similar to snow boarding the massive plus is that this sport is available all year around. At first you may feel awkward and totally uncoordinated, but pretty soon you will be carving a sleek path with the grace of a bird in flight. Then you will be about ready to hit some jumps.

This outdoor adventure is great for warming you up in the middle of winter. Warm sand dunes, blue skies and winter sunshine! You can be Lord of the Dunes in no time at all. Hook up with a sand boarding facility for pure exhilaration.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Beach Horse Ride

The adventure of a horse back outride along a beach is as romantic as it is exhilarating. This escapade can be enjoyed singly, as a couple or even in a group of friends. The facilitators provide mounts suited to varying levels of horseback competence. These horses are extremely well schooled and you can split the group into different riding abilities so that each smaller group can enjoy the speed that suits it best.

A horseback escapade along the coastlines of South Africa can present pleasures you may not have anticipated. Riding out for a day, your breath will be taken away by the panoramic scenery which changes along the route. You could encounter varied terrain as you pass indigenous forest, lagoons, mangroves, low tides and high tides, sweeping vistas, jagged cliffs, stony beaches or soft white sand. There is so much to see and a beautiful spot may have you throwing out a blanket to pause over a picnic lunch.

Taking a canter across the foamy white edge of waves while surrounded by the brilliant natural beauty is just the treat for jaded adventurers. Horse riding on the beach can restore your sense of harmony with the world. This is definitely the choice activity to shake the winter blues away.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Quad Bike adventure

It is time for a quad biking adventure. This very popular leisure activity has taken root firm in South Africa. Often combined with tours as a means of traveling through areas of interest. These all terrain-vehicles can handle a broad range of landscapes.

South African law is quite staunch on aligning with eco-awareness, so it is best to seek advice before heading out for an adventure on your own. Ramping up the wrong sand bank could land you in a puddle of hot water.

Quad biking has also attracted a notorious reputation for severe injuries when there is an accident. Always, always use responsibly and never ever without a crash helmet. With four wheels as opposed to two you are getting a lot more stability than on a motorcycle, but these vehicles can still flip and land on top of you.

So as with many of the fun things to be enjoyed in life, do it with the correct respect to safety requirements.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Adam's Calendar

Michael Tellinger leads us to believe that this stone formation apparently built by humankind 75,000 years ago may reveal South Africa to be the true cradle of humankind. While in Mpumalanga you may just want to visit this site of giant monoliths.

They align perfectly to the position of Orion's belt 75,000 years ago. Just like the pyramids of South America, Egypt and even China. Could the architects of all have originated from the same place?

One tour option you may enjoy will take you on good two and a half hour bush trek to view these awesome stones. Built as a calender, the taller of the main rocks casts a shadow on the shorter, marking the passage of a year.

If you are up for a Stonehenge adventure right here in South Africa, this is just for you. The bonus feature being that for now you are permitted to get up and personal with the stones. You can even hug them to tune into their ancient and magical vibration.

Friday, 10 July 2009


Is it a giant golf ball? A floating overgrown dandelion? Or perhaps a tiny moon, fallen from the sky? No. It is a craze that originated in Rotarua, New Zealand. It has taken the United Kingdom, USA and most of Europe by storm.

This recreational activity is usually enjoyed on a gentle slope or even a series of less gentle slopes. You can also zorb on sand or water. Some facilitators even have metal ramps in place for the more daring enthusiasts. Most spheres accommodate a single rider, but we have heard others are being designed to contain two adults.

We have yet to track down an activity provider for zorbing in South Africa. If you have heard of someone in the Western Cape who is doing it, please send details this way. Entrepreneurs out there take note, you could play up the ball shape and cash in on all the tourists headed this way for the soccer world cup. You have less than a year so get cracking, please.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


It’s the middle of the week you may be sitting at your desk wondering if the week-end will ever arrive. It will and if you’ve had a stressful time book a paintball session to release all your tensions from the week.

Paintball frees the spirited rascal in anyone. You can stalk and hunt in this survivor style game. The thrill of the hunt runs deep in our veins. Gear up with headgear, helmet and a thick suit, with your hands on a paintball gun and let rip. The rules are simple and there are at least 5 or 6 common versions of play to accommodate all tastes.

A thorough session of paintball will get your adrenalin gushing, smooth the creases on your brow and eliminate the knots in your neck and shoulders. This is an adventure to be pursued on Friday afternoons, so as to ensure you will be able to truly hang loose for the balance of your delicious weekend. Though I’m willing to bet you’ll most likely want to head back for more by the time Sunday rolls around.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Jumping for Joy

We cannot agree on a name, but around the world this sport has been embraced by every name ever given. Bungi jumping also known as Bungee and Bunjee or even Bunjy jumping is really here to stay as a classic amongst extreme sport options.

We all know it is good to push our boundaries and try something new every so often. So if Winter is getting you down and you need a boost to remind you how much fun there is to be had, I suggest falling, just dropping at pace and then dangling while you try to recall why your heart is racing like the energizer bunny on red bull!

You just have to be willing to toss your body into the never-never and just when you wish you had not, the elastic bungee cord will pull tight and whoa, wasn’t that awesome? So whether as a dare or a simple personal challenge grab onto this one with both feet!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Holiday Adventure

Take some time out in Northern KwaZulu-Natal this holiday. You can wind down and simply revel in long walks and the wide open spaces. Before long I am sure you will want to turn up the heat and give in to the tempting adventure activities available at African Wanderer.

If you like your feet on dry land the game drives through Hluhluwe-Imfolozi are always rewarding and hikes are also an option. Try a kayaking safari where you could spot healthy hippo and gnarled crocodile. The birdlife in this are is diverse and you’ll surely spot a prize fish-eagle.

Heading towards the ocean, the beaches nearby are awesome and mostly unspoiled. Boasting some really sizeable dunes. Make a splash with your snorkel on or dip your paddles from a kayak. This natural holiday spot is packed with adventures for you.