Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Adam's Calendar

Michael Tellinger leads us to believe that this stone formation apparently built by humankind 75,000 years ago may reveal South Africa to be the true cradle of humankind. While in Mpumalanga you may just want to visit this site of giant monoliths.

They align perfectly to the position of Orion's belt 75,000 years ago. Just like the pyramids of South America, Egypt and even China. Could the architects of all have originated from the same place?

One tour option you may enjoy will take you on good two and a half hour bush trek to view these awesome stones. Built as a calender, the taller of the main rocks casts a shadow on the shorter, marking the passage of a year.

If you are up for a Stonehenge adventure right here in South Africa, this is just for you. The bonus feature being that for now you are permitted to get up and personal with the stones. You can even hug them to tune into their ancient and magical vibration.

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