Friday, 17 July 2009

Beach Horse Ride

The adventure of a horse back outride along a beach is as romantic as it is exhilarating. This escapade can be enjoyed singly, as a couple or even in a group of friends. The facilitators provide mounts suited to varying levels of horseback competence. These horses are extremely well schooled and you can split the group into different riding abilities so that each smaller group can enjoy the speed that suits it best.

A horseback escapade along the coastlines of South Africa can present pleasures you may not have anticipated. Riding out for a day, your breath will be taken away by the panoramic scenery which changes along the route. You could encounter varied terrain as you pass indigenous forest, lagoons, mangroves, low tides and high tides, sweeping vistas, jagged cliffs, stony beaches or soft white sand. There is so much to see and a beautiful spot may have you throwing out a blanket to pause over a picnic lunch.

Taking a canter across the foamy white edge of waves while surrounded by the brilliant natural beauty is just the treat for jaded adventurers. Horse riding on the beach can restore your sense of harmony with the world. This is definitely the choice activity to shake the winter blues away.

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