Monday, 6 July 2009

Jumping for Joy

We cannot agree on a name, but around the world this sport has been embraced by every name ever given. Bungi jumping also known as Bungee and Bunjee or even Bunjy jumping is really here to stay as a classic amongst extreme sport options.

We all know it is good to push our boundaries and try something new every so often. So if Winter is getting you down and you need a boost to remind you how much fun there is to be had, I suggest falling, just dropping at pace and then dangling while you try to recall why your heart is racing like the energizer bunny on red bull!

You just have to be willing to toss your body into the never-never and just when you wish you had not, the elastic bungee cord will pull tight and whoa, wasn’t that awesome? So whether as a dare or a simple personal challenge grab onto this one with both feet!

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