Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The coolest glider has an adventure!

Hang gliding is an air adventure sport in which a pilot flies a light aircraft called a hang glider. Modern hang gliders made mostly of an aluminum structure with a fabric wing allow pilots to control direction by shifting their body weight. The pilot hangs from the glider by a harness as he flies like a giant bird, swooping across the great open sky.

Early pilots stuck to small flights down hills, you’ll enjoy the freedom modern technology has brought to this escapade. Soar for hours at amazing heights as you catch thermal updrafts. You can fly extensive distances with a hang-glider. The record distance for a flight is around 700km.

The traditional foot launch style of take off has been improved with the assistance of a small aircraft or a boat. Extreme thrill-seekers have even successfully been dropped at high altitudes by a hot air balloon!

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