Monday, 20 July 2009

Sand Boarding Adventure

Adrenalin supply peaks as you fly down a sand dune at high-speed on a thin board. Then slog back up for the next slide down because it is so absolutely worth it. If you are really lucky you will have a 4x4 or quad bike to transport you back uphill in luxury, but the reward definitely outweighs the exertion if you are amongst the unlucky ones.

South Africa has divine beaches which boast many sizeable sand dunes making this a top class destination for sand boarding junkies. Though similar to snow boarding the massive plus is that this sport is available all year around. At first you may feel awkward and totally uncoordinated, but pretty soon you will be carving a sleek path with the grace of a bird in flight. Then you will be about ready to hit some jumps.

This outdoor adventure is great for warming you up in the middle of winter. Warm sand dunes, blue skies and winter sunshine! You can be Lord of the Dunes in no time at all. Hook up with a sand boarding facility for pure exhilaration.

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