Friday, 10 July 2009


Is it a giant golf ball? A floating overgrown dandelion? Or perhaps a tiny moon, fallen from the sky? No. It is a craze that originated in Rotarua, New Zealand. It has taken the United Kingdom, USA and most of Europe by storm.

This recreational activity is usually enjoyed on a gentle slope or even a series of less gentle slopes. You can also zorb on sand or water. Some facilitators even have metal ramps in place for the more daring enthusiasts. Most spheres accommodate a single rider, but we have heard others are being designed to contain two adults.

We have yet to track down an activity provider for zorbing in South Africa. If you have heard of someone in the Western Cape who is doing it, please send details this way. Entrepreneurs out there take note, you could play up the ball shape and cash in on all the tourists headed this way for the soccer world cup. You have less than a year so get cracking, please.


Andrew Akers said...

Hi - if someone's serious about setting up Zorbing in SA - contact us via We invented zorbing - so we really do know what we're doing!

Or if you don't have a hill, try our latest product:

- Andrew

Anonymous said...

Hi i have the zorb ball in cape town so if any one is looking too do zorbing please contact me on

Anonymous said...

GREEN ADVENTURES in PORT ELIZABETH offers ZORBING. Contact for more details.