Monday, 31 August 2009

South Africa in 2010

For all adventure seekers looking forward to visiting South Africa in 2010 we will have loads of thrilling destinations available for you to book direct from our site. If you have an unquenchable lust for adventure save this site to your favourites folder today. We will keep our site up to date with all the hot and happening outdoor adventure venues.

South Africa has an awesome zip line at Sun City adjoining the Pilansberg area. This extreme adventure is a world hit as it is the most extreme cable available to ride. At 280 metres above the ground you get to zip along at speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour for 2000 metres. The Unreal Zip 2000 is a winner. If you have been looking for the ultimate thrill, this is it!

Visitors will be spoiled with the extensive range of adventure sports available. We have it sorted for you. Extreme adventure pundits need look no further than Adventure Escapades to book their adrenalin kicks in South Africa in 2010.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Pillion Motorcycle Adventure

You may be a seasoned traveller with a fair collection of experiences but have you tried this leisurely and exciting pillion motorcycle adventure? You book the tour that suits you, gear up in suitable black leather with the tassels if you like and simply hop on the back and forget the world as your tour guide takes over.

This is unrestricted touring enjoyment at its peak. Thrill to the sights, sound and smells of open-air Africa. A great way to enjoy our wide open space, visit quaint towns as you break for refreshments, and revel in the adventure of riding pillion on a beautiful BMW K1200GT. If you only have an hour to spare then there is no better way to arrive at work on Monday morning than on the back of such a powerful machine. Beat the blues and fire some rumours that will keep the office buzzing all week long!

Turn everyday sightseeing into an unforgettable experience while delighting in two wheel luxury. Safely give up your cares as your driver with 28 years motorcycling experience takes you off to your destination of choice. Book your pillion bike adventure with BikeXplorer Pillion Motorcycles Tours today. This will be an extraordinary adventure.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Adventure South Africa vs New Zealand

At 268, 000 square kilometres in area on the bottom edge of the world New Zealand is known to some as the “Adventure Capital of the World”. We at Adventure Escapades have to ask how our own country compares in terms of this claim.

New Zealand has a Lord of the Rings landscape with hairline fiords and glacier topped mountains in the south, rolling green hills edged with golden beaches in the north and an abundance of volcanic activity providing many geysers and natural hot pools. We have 1,219,912 square kilometres of Drakensberg mountain range sans glaciers, numerous hilly areas, semi-deserts, grasslands, rivers, lakes, dams and varied coastlines with some incredibly high sand dunes to compete. That’s around 4 and a half times more adventure beckoning. Given their landscape has more extremes crammed into a smaller area, so the first impression may be more intense. When we add our abundant wildlife to the mix surely adventures here in South Africa clinch the top spot in this play-off of natural resources.

New Zealand has credit for the invention of zorbing which is an extremely thrilling activity we have not quite kept pace. Yet we have elephant-back safaris. It looks like we can certainly hold our own as a worthy adventure destination at an easier price tag. So Adventure in South Africa vs New Zealand, we can conclude we rate favourably as a world class adventure destinations.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Adventure in South Africa

We are extremely lucky to live in a country with a rugged and beautiful landscape where we can pursue a wide range of adventures. The weather is turning and as winter begins to pack its bags we can look forward to a long warm season. Weekends once again will be crammed with action as we throw back the covers and head outdoors.

For the adrenalin junkies who like to live on the edge and taste some danger there are more challenging pursuits available such as skydiving or extreme bungee jumping. For those who prefer less uncertain challenges a jaunt on elephant back could be a treat. Perhaps the simple pursuit of bird watching will be your choice.

The weekend is approaching fast. If you are online for some fun adventures in the great outdoors make those bookings right away. Life is for living and at Adventure Escapades you can choose from the A-Z of fun experiences. Check it out.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Kitesurfing is a Blast

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding on a small surfboard pulled across the water by a kite will get the most jaded thrillseeker’s adrenalin pumping. There are many varied styles that have evolved to suit different conditions. You could enjoy this activity at a beach, dam, lake and even on a river. There must be at least a 15 to 35 knot wind and you’ll be away.

Kitesurfers definitely favour beaches where they are most likely to find that consistent wind. This sport is surprisingly old, apparently 13th Century China had kiteboarding enthusiasts. Though I doubt any of them got close to the speed record of 50.57 knots or over 90 kilometers per hour, held by a Frenchman. We wonder if these Chinese adventurers have chased Kirsty Jones’ record of 225km in 9 hours!

Kitesurfing like most adventure activities has even developed it’s very own language. So if you are ready for a boost you could be the next Charlie Browner catching a nuking in the Power zone. Just balance your pop and smooth moves to avoid tea-bagging or even worse a Kitemare!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jousting Adventure

This medieval adventure sport has made a comeback. To date we have not discovered where in South Africa this activity can be pursued. Imagine just abandoning all common logic and hurtling towards another human while on horseback, grasping a long, sharp and menacing lance. You will be breaking a lot of rules doing this!

For most South Africans our experience of jousting would have been limited to watching ‘A Knight’s Tale’ or we may have learned of this sport in history lessons. In America the American Jousting Alliance has been training people and horses for around 30 years. It would be awesome to have a weird and whacky venue for South Africans to try out this adventure sport. It could be a huge event with the dress-up and tournament followed by the fun medieval feast.

Perhaps you have the medieval restaurant set up already, check for some land outback? If you found it you are in luck! Hopefully we have inspired some entrepreneurs out there. When you have this fantastical new facility available kindly contact us to list your adventure escapade.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hiking Trails

To stride out along a new trail sends ripples of excitement through a body. Some would say these ripples extend to the mind and aura! The most important hiking accessory is your boots. Well fitting hiking boots can make walking the roughest path easier. Second would be an adjustable backpack so as your load lightens it can be tightened. Then for overnight a lightweight tent and a sufficiently warm sleeping bag are essential.

With these basic requirements sorted your backpacking adventure can be enjoyed with abandon. From daytrips to week long treks, hiking will challenge your body and sharpen your mind. You can include fishing, photography, kayaking, birding and rock climbing as you tramp along.

Walking out in nature can be so enjoyable and absorbing that you chew up great distances without registering what an effective workout session your muscles are attending.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

Friday, 7 August 2009

Weekend Skydive Escapade

Hey guys it is a super long week-end, a good time to hook up with some high adventure activity like skydiving. This sport earns you serious respect. To parachute is high adventure at its best.

Earlier this year the 41st President of the United States of America celebrated his 85th birthday by parachuting out of an aeroplane! It was a piece of old takkie for this toughened adventurer, he was notching up his 7th skydive. So if George is up to it at 85 why not you? Just by the way his 80th and 75th birthdays also saw him taking the leap!

Just get on and book your jump. If you are somewhat jittery a tandem jump may be just the entry level you will be comfortable with. You could leave it in fates trusty hands and win a jump sponsored by Skydive Durban also known as Skydive KZN. Simply enter the Cowan House Super Classic MTB next weekend in Hilton. Life can be short, so get out there and live it!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Adventure Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be a highly addictive sport. The great variety of styles and terrain where you can employ these skills are endless. You could try man-made rock walls to begin. Such as are available at Wonderwall Indoor Climbing Gym.

Using your hands to hold your weight and improve your balance you will be able to develop a basic technique. Beginner’s training is available. As you get stronger this is a great way to tone and improve fitness.

Repeating these consistent challenges will prepare you for the wide outdoors. This sport will enhance your mental as well as physical ability. It can be dangerous and it is important to learn the practical use of the correct equipment.

Different rock formations and densities have created several climbing disciplines. The higher you climb the more likely you will work with a partner. Ropes and anchors are used to catch falls. The thrill of reaching the summit of your chosen route is hard to beat.