Monday, 24 August 2009

Adventure South Africa vs New Zealand

At 268, 000 square kilometres in area on the bottom edge of the world New Zealand is known to some as the “Adventure Capital of the World”. We at Adventure Escapades have to ask how our own country compares in terms of this claim.

New Zealand has a Lord of the Rings landscape with hairline fiords and glacier topped mountains in the south, rolling green hills edged with golden beaches in the north and an abundance of volcanic activity providing many geysers and natural hot pools. We have 1,219,912 square kilometres of Drakensberg mountain range sans glaciers, numerous hilly areas, semi-deserts, grasslands, rivers, lakes, dams and varied coastlines with some incredibly high sand dunes to compete. That’s around 4 and a half times more adventure beckoning. Given their landscape has more extremes crammed into a smaller area, so the first impression may be more intense. When we add our abundant wildlife to the mix surely adventures here in South Africa clinch the top spot in this play-off of natural resources.

New Zealand has credit for the invention of zorbing which is an extremely thrilling activity we have not quite kept pace. Yet we have elephant-back safaris. It looks like we can certainly hold our own as a worthy adventure destination at an easier price tag. So Adventure in South Africa vs New Zealand, we can conclude we rate favourably as a world class adventure destinations.

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