Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jousting Adventure

This medieval adventure sport has made a comeback. To date we have not discovered where in South Africa this activity can be pursued. Imagine just abandoning all common logic and hurtling towards another human while on horseback, grasping a long, sharp and menacing lance. You will be breaking a lot of rules doing this!

For most South Africans our experience of jousting would have been limited to watching ‘A Knight’s Tale’ or we may have learned of this sport in history lessons. In America the American Jousting Alliance has been training people and horses for around 30 years. It would be awesome to have a weird and whacky venue for South Africans to try out this adventure sport. It could be a huge event with the dress-up and tournament followed by the fun medieval feast.

Perhaps you have the medieval restaurant set up already, check for some land outback? If you found it you are in luck! Hopefully we have inspired some entrepreneurs out there. When you have this fantastical new facility available kindly contact us to list your adventure escapade.


Adventure said...

Thats so brilliant.

I know in Cape Town that there was a medieval tavern where you would eat medieval food and toss your apple or leg of lamb at people when you are done, and people would battle while you eat. I'm not sure if its still around or not

Elbrus Ourtaev said...

We will be hosting a Medieval Jousting and Cossack Horse Stunt Show in Wilderness on the 22nd and 23rd December 09. We will have entertainment for the whole family, with christmas markets, live entrtainment, kiddies playground with jungle gyms, adventure and obstacle course etc. and the most amazing horseback riding skills shown off by the Russian Cossack Riders, trained by Elbrus Ourtaev himself. Any one interested can call on 0836313046 for more info.