Monday, 17 August 2009

Kitesurfing is a Blast

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding on a small surfboard pulled across the water by a kite will get the most jaded thrillseeker’s adrenalin pumping. There are many varied styles that have evolved to suit different conditions. You could enjoy this activity at a beach, dam, lake and even on a river. There must be at least a 15 to 35 knot wind and you’ll be away.

Kitesurfers definitely favour beaches where they are most likely to find that consistent wind. This sport is surprisingly old, apparently 13th Century China had kiteboarding enthusiasts. Though I doubt any of them got close to the speed record of 50.57 knots or over 90 kilometers per hour, held by a Frenchman. We wonder if these Chinese adventurers have chased Kirsty Jones’ record of 225km in 9 hours!

Kitesurfing like most adventure activities has even developed it’s very own language. So if you are ready for a boost you could be the next Charlie Browner catching a nuking in the Power zone. Just balance your pop and smooth moves to avoid tea-bagging or even worse a Kitemare!

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