Friday, 7 August 2009

Weekend Skydive Escapade

Hey guys it is a super long week-end, a good time to hook up with some high adventure activity like skydiving. This sport earns you serious respect. To parachute is high adventure at its best.

Earlier this year the 41st President of the United States of America celebrated his 85th birthday by parachuting out of an aeroplane! It was a piece of old takkie for this toughened adventurer, he was notching up his 7th skydive. So if George is up to it at 85 why not you? Just by the way his 80th and 75th birthdays also saw him taking the leap!

Just get on and book your jump. If you are somewhat jittery a tandem jump may be just the entry level you will be comfortable with. You could leave it in fates trusty hands and win a jump sponsored by Skydive Durban also known as Skydive KZN. Simply enter the Cowan House Super Classic MTB next weekend in Hilton. Life can be short, so get out there and live it!

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