Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ramp Adventure

It is happening in Melbourne, a huge ramp adventure! The Megaramp which exceeds the height of any 9 storey building will be assembled at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne over four days.

This is extreme ramp adventure. Revered by skate board and bmx enthusiasts worldwide. The first ramp event of this magnitude ever seen in the southern hemisphere. With an awesome line up of world class talent the inaugural spectacle will be mind blowing.

All 14 of the guys in the whole wide world known to be tough enough to handle this monster ramp will be there. On the 31st October 2009, Megarampage in Melbourne will be the biggest ramp adventure we have ever seen.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Scuba Adventure

For many lucky adventurers we will have an extra day this week to enjoy a Scuba Adventure. If you have planned correctly you will have scored four happy holidays in a row. This also gives those land-locked South Africans more time to travel to your nearest beach and hook up with a dive instructor. Divine!

Dive Permits are essential so remember to get yours at a mere R75-00 for the whole year. This makes so much more cents than buying a temporary one at R45-00, which is valid for just one single month.

We live in such a superbly beautiful country with an awesome natural heritage including berg, beach and great hills, plains and midlands in between. So if the ocean is your remedy head along for a Scuba Adventure.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Affordable Adventure

It is time for an affordable adventure guys! Book yourself some free time on Friday and head for Orlando Towers for a half-price Bungee Jump. This is giveaway fun at a bargain price.

You will be met by a guide, and take by the open-air lift to a stage just 3m from the very tip-most top of that tall tower. From there you step onto the floating stairway which is a bonus thrill on it’s own. Then onto the sky-bridge suspended about 100m above the ground. Superb views of Soweto will be yours from up high. You will be safely harnessed by experienced bungee technicians and then it is time for you to take the jump. Rapunzel’s fellow did it without all the safety regulations, rest assured if he made it you will too.

So click now to make your booking before all the slots are taken. If you thought the economic crunch had spoiled your fun, think again. You can enjoy this affordable adventure just R240-00, this Friday the 18th September 2009 only.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Extreme Adventure

Orlando Towers has more to get your adrenalin pumping with a new extreme adventure activity. The 100m swing between two old Orlando Power Station towers has had adventure junkies clamoring for more.

Now more than you asked for is available. Construction is complete.You can count down to the newest bungee jump in Johannesburg. A world first as there is no other bungee jump between two cooling towers. The bridge offers super views of Soweto. It is easily accessible from Johannesburg central you take the M1, fork right to the N1 and take the M68 Soweto on your left into Old Potch Road. After 3 kilometres you can enter at the security boom.

Get your share of booming action at Orlando Towers with this extreme adventure.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sand Adventure

Sandboarding is an awesome adventure that will challenge your speed, balance and steering skills. This is so much fun and even without experience you can carve the dunes at pace.

Sun, surf, sand and the guts to go full throttle are required. You can take it easy by opting out before the end of your run. Average tracks are around 100m with the longest known in South Africa measuring 350m. It’s it like surfing just dry, great for anyone with a shark phobia and no waiting for a wave. The dunes are always up for action.

The thrill of sandboarding sessions can change the way you live your life. This is addictive action therapy you do not want to miss. Join our Face book group and share your sand adventure stories.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Adventure Advertising

I received an e-mail recently from a fellow wanting us to do some advertising in a Western Province publication. I took the time to read through and see how it could work for Adventure Escapades and once again I was stunned by what they want to charge. This sort of experience is always somewhat thrilling as it confirms my faith in our own pricing and also reminds me that there aren’t many around who provide as much Boom per Buck over a massive area, as you will note on the Cluster Map.

A page on our site such as the Isle of Capri will cost only R297, 00 and it comes with all the conceivable add-ons you can think of.

Simply click through to the Isle of Capri and you would have see that our flagship offering is a full page spread, the main body comprises of three sections for copy content, with two photographs per section to support it. They also come with an enquiry form which generates an e-mail to the operator, as well as SMS notification when a client fills it out.

Search Engine Optimization: On www.google.co.za if you search the terms Adventure Activity or Adventure Activities, we come up first (below the sponsored links) and have done so for over a year now. Flagship listings are given additional exposure as they regularly feature in this Blog. Our Blog feeds directly to our home page (see the left hand side) and has a fairly substantial readership with you of course being one of them.

We do extensive offline marketing of the site. Our site traffic is significant and we have a growing FaceBook community. Several search facilities have been designed to make the site as user friendly as possible as well as aesthetically attractive.

The six display windows on our home page all feature flagship listings which click through to their unique page; it works on an automatic rotational cycle creating home page exposure for all vendors. It also ensures that home page content regularly changes, keeping the site crispy fresh and always interesting.

AdventureEscapades.co.za in a nutshell, presents activity operators with an affordable tool to communicate directly to their target market both locally and abroad. Our concept is in many ways unique and successfully delivers significant and measurable results. All this Boom per Buck and more, for a fraction of the cost of mainstream advertising, if you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to give me a call on 0861 106 638.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Snake Adventure

A Safari with a difference is what you get when you book a snake adventure with Mike Perry of African Reptile and Venom Safaris. Mike has been a reptile enthusiast since 1963. At ten years old he began to bag these creatures and so began a lifelong passion. To date Mike has been hosted in various wildlife shows. Meet him in person as you search together for reptiles to photograph.

We live in a country where all outdoor adventures have the added edge of possibly coming upon a fierce reptile. It is sensible to know something about snakes so that you know how to handle such confrontations. Mike offers practical hands-on courses which will give you the ability to identify the brutes from the babes. This is a must for hikers, birders and mountain climbers to name a few. Whether you have a passion for these beings is irrelevant, they are a fact of life for anyone adventuring in South Africa so be powerful in your knowledge.

African Reptiles and Venom Safaris include Snakebite treatment in their course content. So be prepared. Life is an adventure better enjoyed by those who are well prepared. Know your snakes and please train your game rangers for snake adventures you can survive to remember!